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Sunday early morning.

It is dark. It is cold and windy and it is raining.

It is also 15 years today since my beloved mother left this world at the age of 44.

I did not sleep well or enough last night.

And i am waiting for the bus to go to work.

The streets empty, the traffic lights red as if in an effort to match the situation.

But I love the calm before the waking of the new day...

I love looking at lights decorating the absolute darkness...

I love snuggling up in my warm coat when it is cold and windy...

I love the sound of raindrops splattering against my umbrella

I love working on the days most people don´t. Less people on the streets means less bodies standing between me and the world I love to look at...

I love being able to go to work again.

I love my mother. I miss her so much. I am very happy I met this woman and I am so happy I am her daughter. I am grateful for everything she taught me and for the woman I turned out to be thanks to her.

With time you learn to live with their absence. You figure out your own ways to keep the memories and feelings alive and when you are ready you learn to celebrate the relation you had with them rather than mourning the loss.

Also, there is something about those little circles that appear and disappear in the the overnight rain that lies in puddles on the road...

So mesmerizing...

The bus door opened in front of me and as I stepped on it shaking off raindrops, the driver looked at me and smiled. I smiled back wishing her a good morning not being able to ignore her resemblance to my mother...

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