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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Heliocentric Life´s Privacy Policy. This document outlines how we collect, use, and protect your personal information.

We may collect the following types of personal information:

  • Names, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Mailing addresses

  • Usernames, Passwords (encrypted), Profile pictures

  • Credit card details. Billing addresses, Payment transaction history

  • Age, Gender, Occupation, Geographic location

  • Health assessments, Fitness goals, Dietary preferences, Medical history (if relevant to your services)

  • IP addresses, Browser information, Device information, Pages visited, Clickstream data

  • Correspondence with customer support, Chat transcripts, Feedback and reviews

  • Social media profiles (if users choose to link accounts)

  • Marketing preferences (opt-ins and opt-outs)

  • Surveys and feedback on preferences

  • Data collected through integrations with third-party services (if applicable)

  • Information collected through cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies

  • Content users create or submit on your platform, such as comments or reviews

  • Location data if your services require or request it

  • Information about users' devices, operating systems, and software versions

We collect information through the following methods,

  1. Online Forms:

    • User registration forms

    • Contact forms

    • Surveys and questionnaires

  2. Account Creation:

    • Information provided during the creation of user accounts

  3. Cookies:

    • Session cookies for essential website functionality

    • Persistent cookies for tracking user preferences and behavior

  4. Tracking Technologies:

    • Web beacons

    • Pixels

    • Local storage

  5. Payment Processing:

    • Collection of payment information during transactions

  6. Social Media Integration:

    • Information obtained through user interactions with social media plugins or logins

  7. Analytics Tools:

    • Use of analytics services to track user behavior on the website

  8. Device Information:

    • Collection of information about users' devices, such as device type and operating system

  9. Server Logs:

    • Recording of user interactions with the website through server logs

  10. Location Services:

    • Collection of geolocation data if the user permits

  11. Communication with Customer Support:

    • Information provided by users during communication with customer support

  12. Surveys and Feedback Forms:

    • Gathering of information through user feedback and surveys

  13. User-Generated Content:

    • Collection of content created by users, such as comments or reviews

  14. Third-Party Integrations:

    • Collection of data through integrations with third-party services, if applicable

  15. APIs and Webhooks:

    • Use of APIs or webhooks to collect or send information between your platform and external systems

  16. Behavioral Tracking:

    • Tracking user interactions with the website to understand behavior and preferences

  17. Email Communications:

    • Collection of information provided by users in emails or newsletters

  18. Authentication Tokens:

    • Use of authentication tokens to verify user identity

  19. Surveillance and Security Systems:

    • Collection of information through security cameras or surveillance systems, if applicable

  20. Interactive Features:

    • Collection of data through interactive features such as quizzes or games

We collect and use the information for purposes such as

  1. User Account Management:

    • Creating and managing user accounts

    • Personalizing user experiences based on preferences and settings

  2. Communication:

    • Responding to user inquiries and providing customer support

    • Sending transactional emails (e.g., order confirmations, appointment reminders)

  3. Service Delivery:

    • Providing the services users have requested (e.g., yoga sessions, personal training)

    • Facilitating bookings and appointments

  4. Payment Processing:

    • Processing payments for products or services

    • Managing billing and invoicing

  5. Marketing and Promotions:

    • Sending promotional emails and newsletters

    • Conducting marketing campaigns and promotions

  6. User Engagement:

    • Analyzing user interactions with the website to improve usability

    • Conducting surveys and obtaining user feedback

  7. Analytics and Research:

    • Conducting analytics to understand user behavior and preferences

    • Performing research to enhance and develop new services

  8. Security and Fraud Prevention:

    • Detecting and preventing fraudulent activities

    • Securing user accounts and data

  9. Legal Compliance:

    • Complying with legal obligations and regulations

    • Responding to legal requests and investigations

  10. Improving Services:

    • Analyzing user data to enhance and optimize services

    • Identifying areas for improvement based on user feedback

  11. Personalization:

    • Personalizing content and recommendations based on user preferences

    • Offering tailored experiences and suggestions

  12. Geolocation Services:

    • Providing location-based services, if applicable (e.g., finding nearby yoga classes)

    • Improving the relevance of content based on geographic location

  13. Social Media Integration:

    • Integrating social media features and sharing functionalities

    • Enhancing user engagement through social media platforms

  14. User-Generated Content:

    • Displaying user-generated content (e.g., comments, reviews) on the website

    • Encouraging user participation in community activities

  15. Third-Party Integrations:

    • Integrating with third-party services to enhance functionality

    • Sharing data with third-party providers for specific features

  16. Compliance with Children's Privacy Laws:

    • Ensuring compliance with laws related to the collection of information from children

    • Implementing age verification processes

  17. Advertising and Retargeting:

    • Serving targeted advertisements based on user interests

    • Implementing retargeting campaigns to re-engage users

  18. Authentication and Authorization:

    • Verifying user identity and managing authentication

    • Authorizing access to specific features or content

We do not sell your information to third parties but we may share personal information with third parties for the following purposes

  1. Payment Processing:

    • Engaging third-party payment processors to facilitate transactions securely.

  2. Analytics and Data Analysis:

    • Utilizing third-party analytics services to gain insights into user behavior, website performance, and service effectiveness.

  3. Marketing and Advertising:

    • Collaborating with third-party marketing platforms for targeted advertising or promotional campaigns.

  4. Communication Tools:

    • Integrating third-party communication tools for features like live chat, email marketing, or customer relationship management.

  5. Cloud Hosting and Storage:

    • Using third-party cloud services for hosting and storing data, ensuring scalability and reliability.

  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

    • Employing third-party CRM tools to manage customer interactions, track leads, and enhance customer relationships.

  7. Social Media Integration:

    • Integrating with third-party social media platforms to enable social sharing, login functionality, or other social features.

  8. E-commerce Platforms:

    • Collaborating with third-party e-commerce platforms for online store functionality, order processing, and inventory management.

  9. Survey and Feedback Tools:

    • Utilizing third-party survey or feedback tools to collect and analyze user opinions and satisfaction.

  10. Email Services:

    • Engaging third-party email services for sending transactional emails, newsletters, and communication with users.

  11. Content Delivery Networks (CDN):

    • Partnering with CDNs to enhance website performance by distributing content across multiple servers.

  12. Security Services:

    • Employing third-party security services for data encryption, threat detection, and protection against cyber threats.

  13. Legal Compliance:

    • Sharing information with legal and regulatory authorities as required by law.

  14. User Authentication:

    • Using third-party authentication services for secure and convenient user logins.

  15. Survey and Research Partnerships:

    • Collaborating with third-party research organizations for surveys, studies, or academic partnerships.

  16. Affiliate Programs:

    • Participating in affiliate programs where third parties may receive information to track referrals or commissions.

  17. External Integrations:

    • Integrating with third-party services or platforms to offer additional features or functionalities.

  18. IT Support and Maintenance:

    • Engaging third-party IT support or maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your website.

We implement a variety of security measures  to protect your personal information.

We retain personal information for a duration provided by the current legislations, it is not our responsibility to inform you of this legislations or any changes since they may change frequently.

You have the right to access, correct and delete your personal information. Contact us at the following link  to exercise these rights.

We use cookies for the following purposes

  1. Session Management:

    • Cookies are commonly used to manage user sessions. They help keep track of user authentication, ensuring that users remain logged in as they navigate through different pages on a site.

  2. Personalization:

    • Cookies store user preferences and settings, allowing websites to personalize content based on individual user preferences. This could include language preferences, theme choices, or other customization options.

  3. Remembering User Choices:

    • Cookies can remember choices made by users, such as product preferences, items added to a shopping cart, or consent preferences (e.g., cookie consent).

  4. Analytics and Performance:

    • Cookies enable website owners to gather analytics data on how users interact with their site. This information helps in understanding user behavior, improving website performance, and identifying areas for enhancement.

  5. Advertising and Targeting:

    • Cookies are often used for targeted advertising. They track user behavior across websites, allowing advertisers to deliver more relevant ads based on users' interests and online activities.

  6. Social Media Integration:

    • Cookies are employed to integrate social media features into websites. They enable users to share content on social platforms and facilitate social logins.

  7. Security:

    • Cookies contribute to website security by helping to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent activities. They may be used to detect unauthorized access or suspicious behavior.

  8. Site Preferences:

    • Cookies store information about how users interact with a website, helping to remember preferences like font size, layout, or other display preferences for future visits.

  9. E-commerce Functionality:

    • In e-commerce, cookies are used to store information about items in a shopping cart, track user activity during the checkout process, and facilitate order processing.

  10. Localization:

    • Cookies can assist in providing localized content by remembering a user's geographic location or language preferences, ensuring a more relevant user experience.

  11. Content Delivery Networks (CDN):

    • Cookies help in optimizing the delivery of content by identifying the closest server in a content delivery network, reducing page load times.

  12. User Authentication and Authorization:

    • Cookies play a role in user authentication, helping websites verify the identity of users and manage access to secure areas of the site.

  13. User Surveys and Feedback:

    • Cookies may be used to track whether a user has already participated in a survey or provided feedback, preventing repetitive requests for input.

Our services are not directed at children under 18. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children.


We may update this privacy policy. Changes will be highlighted and marked with the date of change, also communicated through the website.

If you have questions or concerns about your privacy, contact us at the following link.

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