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You are loved.

Our lives are impacted by it.

Occasionally, we feel unloved, unwelcome, and to make matters worse, unworthy of love.

Allow me to assure you.

You aren't!

This is only a sensation caused by our thoughts, and it does not reflect the reality.

Truth is you are loved.

You may not feel it at the moment because you are in a place where you are not ready to feel it.

It is highly likely that you are undergoing a major growth phase.

Embrace it!

There is pain and darkness which come with it, I know. However I invite you to trust that it is only the means to take you to where you belong.

Growing hurts sometimes but you are not alone! We are all in the same boat.

There will come a day when you will shine and smile and be happy again and feel all the love that surrounds you in ways and forms you can not even imagine.

I am certain that you are in somebody's prayers or on someone's mind even in this very moment. For sure there is a yogi somewhere in the world right now starting or ending their practice sending love to those in need.

You ARE those in need of love today.

And that is ok.

It is the most normal thing to need.

Go ahead and need it and do not feel bad about it!

You deserve it! Because you are an amazing, wonderful human being, loveable and adorable.

You ARE loved!

YOU are loved!

You are LOVED!

Sending you some additional love from me, so feel free to feel superloved today!



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