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The art of showing up

For me it is showing up on my mat. For you, it might be on the street for a run, or on your armchair to breathe. It might be a walk on the beach or a drive through the downtown night lights.

It could be lighting a candle and look at it or anything really, that allows you to eavesdrop on yourself.

Show up. Daily. Do what feeds your body, mind and soul every day. Some days perhaps for hours and some other days for just a few breaths. It really does not matter how long you do it. The only thing that matters is to show up.

It is hard. Be kind to yourself.

The first step to committing to a new routine is to really understand the reasons why you want to do it.

Take your time, for this phase is the foundation of change.

Even if it takes weeks or months, accept that your mind, body and soul need this time to prepare.

Write down your thoughts. All the reasons and the benefits, the challenges. Solutions and adjustments and acceptance of what can not be changed. Write about your feelings. How do you feel after showing up to your personal sanctuary? Calm? Rejuvenated? Rested? Strong? Happy?

When everything about it is clear in your head you move to the next phase. This one you also write down. It is time related. When will the new routine become part of your life?

Remember to be kind. Do not force yourself and do not make it difficult on you. Give yourself time. Now you know exactly why you are doing this, let this integrate before you jump into it.

Honestly, you lived all your life not doing it what difference will it make if you begin next week or next month?

Now you know what you want to do (to show up every day), why (because you will feel more... balanced, happy, content, energetic, powerful, calm...) and when you will begin. Be proud of you.

My advice is to connect it to one of the two daily habits of yours. Food or sleep. Either right before or right after. This way, the chances for you to stick to it increase tremendously!

The days you will not show up, be kind to yourself. It is not a failure. It is just one day you did not show up. Means nothing. Tomorrow is a new day!

You got this.

We got this!



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