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Let go what goes...

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

People, things, ideas, thoughts, trouble, happiness.... they come and go...

Life is made up of many parts. Hurting, missing, fighting, finding, reaching, coming, going...

Sometimes we go, sometimes they go.

Sometimes we come and sometimes they do.

Between us and all, a little bridge.

Could we keep our end of the bridge open? Open for what comes to come?

For what goes to go?

Perhaps if we let come what comes and let go what goes, whatever is left might be better than we could ever imagine.

Let go what goes. Let come what comes. See what is left.

Rather than fighting or resisting, choose acceptance.

It is ok.

It is ok not to accept any emotional stain caused by actions of others. This weight is not yours to carry. Let go.




Look up and look forward.

Trust that you got this and that you are worth the freedom of letting go.

Embrace what comes.


You got this!

We got this.

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