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In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

The other day, on a very very early, very very dark and very very cold morning when I arrived at the bus station there was a young man already there, hands in his pockets and a scarf wrapped around his neck. I think he was the only person on the entire street. That meant that I would get on the bus second.

Now, if you live in a warm, small town, that does not matter so much and you most likely never even thought about it.

But, in a freezing world of long commutes, that affects two very important things:

How soon you will rejoin with the sweet warmth of the heat and whether you will manage to catch the last available seat for your 37 minute ride to work...

Now, let us please not forget that the story unfolds at 5 am in the morning and heat and comfort is basically all your body cries for at this moment...

The incident is happening in Sweden. In the country of equality and political correctness (gone a bit too far maybe..? But that is a subject for some other post)

Here, men are literally afraid of interacting with women (especially strangers on the streets) in order to protect themselves from being accused of harassment.

So, they started shrinking and shrinking until they disappeared and now walking on the streets feels like you are the only survivor of a global crisis....

The bus arrives and I patiently wait for the young man to go first. He looks at me, kindly smiles and with a gesture allows me to go first.

Even though I came after him!

Oh how my heart jumped in a happy and nostalgic rhythm!

As if an old art from the past, unfairly consigned to oblivion, was coming to life for just this one moment!

The young man didn´t have to do this. Also, he was not after anything more than being kind. Also I definitely did not expect this to happen because these things never happen any more.

I am so grateful he did this. He set the mood of my day to joy and gratitude and hope and gave me a story to tell which might even inspire more people to spread kindness to our world.

Our world needs kindness

And luckily for all of us being kind is easy!

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