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Every. Single. Day??


Are they really that important? Depends.

Do they add anything to our life? I think they do.

What is a routine? Actions you do repeatedly.

Are all routines good for you? Nope.

But they definitely affect us big time

A good routine for example, would be morning exercise. You stay in shape, you build strength and get those endorphins going resulting into a good mood at the rise of your day.

A bad routine would be buying coffee and a croissant on the way to work. It does give you happiness temporarily but in the long run it is an unhealthy and expensive habit if repeated every day.

Think of life as music. Happy and sad melodies alternate thorough our journey as we face good and bad times. Different instruments represent different people crossing our path. The harmony represents our relation with ourselves, pleasant to the ear when there is a balance. The routines would be the rhythm. Without good rhythm my friend, you will easily get lost in the music and be out of sync.

One of my routines is to pull the curtains first thing every morning. I do this very dramatically and always with a great feeling of curiosity about the scenario that will be revealed to me. Of course, I wake up at the same place every day and pull the same curtain of the same window every day, so what's there to wonder about , one might ask!

The answer is, the sky!

Choose a routine that is easy to apply but has a great effect on you and then figure out where it fits best in your day.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


Every single day??


Don't punish yourself for the times you don't stick to your routines.

As important as they may be for our days´ soundtrack, it is even more important to embrace the fact that some days are different and that is ok!

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