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Awe. Such a small word carrying such a huge meaning.

You know this feeling when you look up to the starry sky and speechless admire how beautifully vast it is...?

Or, when strangers make you feel good through unexpected acts of kindness in your everyday life? Imagine someone helping an old man on the street, pick up his apples that rolled out of the broken paper bag and down the street.

This is awe.

According to greek philosophers it is our defining strength. A pathway that points us to our deep purpose.

Awe plays a vital role in our interactions, emotions, and general well being. What makes this specific feeling vital and different from other positive feelings is that it places us in a larger context and away from being in the epicenter. Awe makes us part of something bigger, greater than ourselves. This feeling is beneficial to us. As a result, it cultivates humility and deflates selfishness, resulting in a desire to be more engaged and connected to ourselves and to others.

All it takes is to pause, look at the world mindful and breathe it all in.

Think of looking with the eyes of a child or a person that lived a thousand years ago. Discovering, exploring, admiring. Look at the world like that. As if it were all brand new to you and you were left speechless. Whether it is nature, arts, technologies, human interactions. The magic of beauty exists everywhere.

Last week on my way to work, sitting on the subway, early in the morning, I witnessed an awe experience and despite it being very short it had a huge impact on me. Obviously, since I am still thinking about it and writing about it, a week later!

At an above ground stop, our driver got replaced by the morning shift driver. As the dark shift driver (both night and mostly underground) walked out the tube, the morning light hit his face.

He smiled.

This smile was clearly an "awe" smile and I got to witness it!

As the subway started rolling again, towards my work and towards real life, I had the privilege to bring some of this man's awe feeling with me!

Awe is the opposite of routine and monotony. It is seeking beauty and wonder in everyday life and those who do, live a happier life.

Try taking an awe walk.

Step out.

Focus on your breath by taking a few deep inhales followed by even longer exhales.

Feel your feet connecting you to mother earth.

Turn on your senses. Hear the sounds, smell the smells, look at the colors, feel the textures.

Take your time. Give it some extra seconds than you normally would to take in the impressions.




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