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12 seconds

This is how long two cycles of breath last.

Inhale 3 seconds.

Exhale 3 seconds.


I live in Sweden and here, recycling is something we take very serious. It all starts in our kitchen. We sort our trash into organic and non organic and from there into more categories and then walk it or drive it to the recycling stations.

Good thing there are recycling stations everywhere.

I made a choice to always walk to the recycling station. This way I skip driving around my trash for days until I can fit in my schedule to actually stop at the recycling station... I used to do that a lot just like so many other people I know!

It is a win-win-win situation!

For me, because I benefit from the motion and the fresh air, for the streets in my little neighbourhood because they are safer due to less traffic and for mother nature of course.

The other day when walking that route, hands full with bags and ears occupied with headphones, I noticed the sun came briefly out. We have had a number of grey and wet days lately so the feeling of light spreading all over was just amazing and impossible not to notice.

I decided to get the most out of it though in a hurry. I was walking passed this tree, last leaves hanging on the branches, wet and damaged and not crisp or "nice autumnish" at all.

I had no time to look for a better spot.

I stood there right in front of this tree, looked at it and inhaled for 3, exhaled for 3 and repeated.

Enough time to notice how the sky was blue, how low the sun, the reflection of the light in the water and how much beauty there can be in some not so fresh, aged leaves with holes surrounded by naked winter trees.

I filled my lungs with oxygen, beauty, light and freshness.

12 seconds later I was walking again towards my destination.

I call this creating time for yourself. Sometimes more, sometimes as little as 2 cycles of breath.

It still counts as "You" time.

And you are so worth it.

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