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Handmade Eye pillow with Lavender



What is an Eye Pillow?


Eye pillows, also known as dream pillows, are mask shaped or rectangular pouches made from a fabric such as cotton or silk and filled with scented or non-scented herbs.

At one time, eye pillows were called comfort pillows and were used in sickrooms to ease nightmares and to disguise the scent of illness. Herbs such as flax seed, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, and rose petals were used as fillers in eye pillows to help comfort the sick and ease them to sleep. Lavender is said to be a natural anti-depressant and to help with insomnia, stress, and headaches.

Eye pillows are typically used to shield the eyes from light and to apply a gentle relaxing weight over and around the eyes.





Story of my "Aethra"


At some point in my life I had to restart. Like literally, start all over again by finding a new home and furniture and plates and glasses and cutlery and towels and you name it! 

We only had one suitcase each filled with clothes. Some caring people stepped in, either giving me or borrowing me stuff. Thank you guys! It has been 5 years already but I still think of you very often with so much gratitude!


One of the things someone borrwed me was a black plastic rectangle outdoor table which I could keep until summer. It became our main table supporting all our meals, birthday cakes, discussions, homework and board games!

I bought a beautiful bright colored tablecloth to draw a veil over the negative feelings who would visit me now and then during that period.


When I finally managed to buy my own new table I left the tablecloth (along with an entire era) behind me. I never used it again. But I kept it. 



Who was "Aethra"?


In Greek mythology Aethra was a name applied to four different individuals:

  • Aethra, name of one of the Oceanids, the 3000 daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. She is sometimes called the wife of Atlas and mother of the Pleiades, Hyades (more usually the offspring of Pleione) and Hyas
  • Aethra (possibly same as above) is, in one source, called the wife of Hyperion, rather than Theia, and mother of Helios, Eos, and Selene.
  • Aethra, daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen and mother of Theseus either by Poseidon or Aegeus. This is the same Aethra who went to Troy with Helen as one of her two handmaidens.
  • Aethra, wife of the Spartan Phalanthus. She fulfilled the prophecy given to her husband by her tears, after which he conquered Tarentum for himself.





How to use "Aethra"


A. If you have half an hour or more


  1. Wear something comfy 
  2. Microwave or Refrigerate your Eye Pillow
  3. Roll out your mat
  4. Put on a relaxing tune
  5. Lay down on your back. Feet hip distance apart, hands next to your body palms facing up.
  6. Place your Eye Pillow on your eyes.
  7. Breathe. 
  8. Inhale calm.
  9. Exhale what doesn´t serve you anymore.
  10. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


B. If you have 3 minutes


  1. Lay down on your back. Feet hip distance apart, hands next to your body palms facing up.
  2. Place your Eye Pillow on your eyes.
  3. Breathe. 
  4. Inhale calm.
  5. Exhale what doesn´t serve you anymore.
  6. Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.



Care instructions


  • Remember to store your Handmade Eye Pillow in a box or bag if scented for it to last longer
  • Keep in mind to avoid using your Handmade Eye Pillow when wearing make up or prefer a darker colored Handmade Eye Pillow if you want to use it anyway.
  • Every now and then remove the outer case and wash it at 30°C.  In the meantime you can air the inner case with the filling outdoors for 15 minutes.






15,00 €Price
VAT Included
  • Size 8 x 18 cm
    Weight 57g
    Filling 100% Rice or
    92% Rice and 8% Lavender
    Outer Case Cotton (removable, washable)
    Inner Case Cotton, Polyester
    Microwave 15 sec or
    Refridgerate a few minutes

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